Bumper Scuffs

We are able to repair all types of bumpers and damage. From light scuffs and scratches to low-speed collision damage. 

We can also repair plastic texture bumpers and trim panels, including plastic welding for any splits/gouges.

Paintwork Scratches

We can repair most paintwork damage on any vehicle panel, with the exception of roofs and bonnets. From light hedge-row scratches that can be polished out, to heavier scratching that requires respraying.

Thanks to the water based paint system we use, matching and blending most colours and finishes is not a problem (light, dark, metallics or solids).

In the vast majority of cases, repairs are invisible and indistinguishable to the eye.

Minor Dents

Minor dents can be pulled most of the way. Body lines that have been damaged can be restored, then filled and sanded to shape, then resprayed and blended for an invisible repair.

Alloy Wheels

We can repair most alloy wheel damage. The damage is sanded down and if necessary a metallic filler is applied and then sanded to shape. The alloy is then resprayed with a colour match paint and re-lacquered to an 'as new' appearance.

Supagard Paint Protection

Supagard Polymer Paint Protection can only be applied by trained specialists, who have attended and passed Supagard's dedicated training programme.

The special polymer formula bonds to your vehicles paintwork, sealing it from oxidisation, protecting your cars glossy finish and preventing paint fade.

We also offer Supagard's Leather and fabric upholstery protection! Sealing your vehicles interior from soiling, food and drinks spills and stains caused by mucky pups and children! 

Supagard when applied by us comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Prices start at £199.00 Contact us today to protect your pride and joy inside and out!

Machine Polishing

Our machine polishing service is designed to restore your vehicles glossy finish. 

It can be used to remove fine hedge-row scratches that have not broken through the clearcoat. It can also be used before applying Supagard Polymer Paint Protection to refine your vehicle finish before locking it in for a minimum of 3 years!

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